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About Us

Hello! I'm Jenni, mum to WIlf (Wifflepig) and Kitty.

Wifflepig's came about after Wilf was born. I couldn't find any brightly coloured clothes that allowed him to shuffle about like a baby does. So out came the sewing machine and Wifflepig's was born! 

That was a few years ago now, and we have gone from strength to strength. 

Everything you see here is made by myself, from the fabrics I have chosen. We live on a farm near the seaside, so nautical, farm animals and vehicles pop up quite regularly. Our favourites are always brightly coloured, and I spend hours searching for something a little bit different. If you have a request or a suggestion, get in touch, we are always open to suggestions!

Our best sellers are leggings; brightly coloured legs, finished with a cuffs in a colour which compliments the fabric. However, we do offer a range of different items, please see the various pages for our complete range.

The two things we tell anyone and everyone that will listen to us is that our clothes are for everyone.

1 - There are no prints for boys and no prints for girls, just beautiful fabrics for children. Our patterns don't have a specific gender (at least we haven't found them to!) so can be made for anyone.

2 - Our clothes allow children to run, scrabble, and act like hooligans freely. They are soft and move as your child moves. 

Wifflepig's is a Let Clothes Be Clothes approved retailer meaning our philosophy of clothes that are suitable for both boys and girls without gender bias has been recognised.